Overlay / Channel for staging or branches more unstable than unstable?

Hey guys,

I’m wondering how I can reference packages that are not yet merged into master (i.e. in staging) I was hoping I could use nix-review (or something similar) but it only gives you a shell if there is no change (so you can’t ask for a shell if the pull request is already merged, it’d be nice to have --force option btw @mic92).

I guess the simple way is to pin nixpkgs?

Yeah that worked, I did something like the following:

git clone https://github..nixpkgs
git checkout staging
nix-shell -I nixpkgs=./nixpkgs -p <the-package>

Dunno if this is the best way to do things (takes a very long time to build) maybe you guys have some good feedback?


https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/71578#issuecomment-548172860 of how I pinned the bazel package, sadly the overlay doesn’t work because it seems that overlays git applied twice when they are in the overlays dir.

What i did was also kind of a hack, you would probably want to overrideAttrs on the packages that are relevant to you

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