Overriden org version in N/A


As in the title; I’m using the following definition, called via callPackage and properly merged in the emacs packages:

org = { emacs, pname }: emacs.pkgs.trivialBuild rec {
    inherit pname;
    ename = pname;
    version = "master";
    src = inputs.${pname};
    buildInputs = flatten [ emacs propagatedUserEnvPkgs ];
    propagatedUserEnvPkgs = with emacs.pkgs; [ ];
    buildPhase = ''
        runHook preBuild
        make all
        make ORGVERSION=${version} GITVERSION=org-${version} autoloads
        # for dir in "mk/org-fixup.el lisp/org-version.el"; do
        #     substituteInPlace $dir --replace "N/A" "${version}"
        # done
        # substituteInPlace mk/org-fixup.el --replace "N/A" "${version}"
        # substituteInPlace lisp/org-version.el --replace "N/A" "${version}"
        runHook postBuild
    installPhase = ''
        runHook preInstall
        install -d $LISPDIR
        install lisp/* $LISPDIR
        runHook postInstall
    meta = {
        homepage = "https://elpa.gnu.org/packages/org.html";
        license = lib.licenses.free;

However, in order to avoid a mismatch error, I need to set the path for this version before the path to the default org-mode shipped with emacs. How can I mofidy the wrapper or load-path from the definition itself?

Thank you kindly for the help~