Package Search Issues

I noticed two issues with the Package Search system:

  1. The Nix Expression item in the package details all say Not specified. That is too bad because I frequently click on the link to learn from the package Nix files.
  2. I expect to see a commit hash where <nixpkgs> commit is found at the bottom of the search result pages. (It could be that I don’t understand the purpose of <nixpkgs> commit.)
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do you mind including examples?

No examples needed – they are all broken on NixOS Search - Loading...
See: "Nix expression" on package search results links to wrong URLs · Issue #372 · NixOS/nixos-homepage · GitHub

Unfortunately, I don’t know when this will be fixed…

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As an example, search for the bash package. Click on bash-4.4-p23 to expand. Nix expression is Not specified:

All the packages I have clicked on recently have said the same thing.

Now look at the very bottom of the same bash search page, where it says <nixpkgs> commit I expect something more like 83df67 commit but I could just be mistaken as to what that is supposed to mean.


If you’re looking for an alternative while (1) is fixed, nix edit nixpkgs.<pkg> will get you the derivation it’s defined in.

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Slick. I didn’t know about that. This will work while the issue is being fixed.