Packages on different architectures - how easy to "translate"

I’m setting up my Raspberry Pi’s and there are some packages not available for aarch64-linux that are available for x86_64-linux. So I’m thinking about creating a package.

My specific test example is fahclient which in x86_64-linux is derived from a debian package (thanks to @zimbatm for the x86 nix package) could I “just” change the source files, and edit the destination architecture? I’m making an assumption that x86-linux libraries and basic packages are available for aarch64.

The reason I ask is that the documentation I’ve seen on creating packages still confuses me somewhat, and I thought this might be a fairly easy test case to try out as a beginner, but I’m wary that there could be some very confusing error messages if my assumptions are wrong!

Thanks in advance for any reassurance or gotchas!

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Sure. I think a good example is something like this:

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@zimbatm Thanks - that does look a pretty robust approach. I think I might be about to enter another nixOS rabbit hole!

I now have a Raspberry Pi version (it seemed trivial), but I’m a bit confused how to add/extend/modify an established app - is there a best approach? Also, more widely, how do you check it really works (rather than it seems to work on my setup, so it is fine for everyone).