PageSpeed Insights Report and where to go from here

Hello Folks,

I opened an issue about the PageSpeed Insights Report I generated for the Home page.

Why care about what Google thinks about the page? Google uses metrics they care about to measure user experience on the web. This is an important input to the Page Rank algorithm, and more and more we can expect these scores to influence search.

Has there been any discussion of such metrics for the Homepage, SEO, A11Y, etc.?

Has anyone given any thought to tracking metrics like these anywhere, so we can track our progress on providing a fast and usable site? It is important not to just fix problems, but to guide development towards the goals we have for this project. Some teams include these scores inside the Github PR for reviewers to consider.

I heard that the Documentation Team may own the responsibility for things like this. Certain things will touch Marketing (colours do not currently facilitate minimum contrast ratio for Accessibility) or perhaps other teams’ areas of responsibility.

What do y’all think? :cowboy_hat_face: