Perl package failed to produce output path devdoc

I am trying to package a perl library from github using buildPerlPackage function. Everything seems to work well until it crash on the following:

strip is /nix/store/zizh5qzhcn4wzm06z99297ckalwrrpfk-binutils-2.31.1/bin/strip
builder for '/nix/store/paz5pqrs63kgzzb012yklg12ys0s1vsg-perl5.28.2-bioperl.drv' failed to produce output path '/nix/store/3z9gqqlpwyr98srjdkihjyhskbcc6dwh-perl5.28.2-bioperl-devdoc'

The code is located here, but it is very much in flux:

Is there a way to avoid this crash?

That’s OK, just add outputs = [ "out" "dev" ]; or outputs = [ "out" "man" ]; or actually produced output.
There are many packages like this in perl-packages.nix

just in your file:


Thank you very much for helping out :slight_smile:
There is a ton of cleanup before I can get this into nixpkgs, I hope I some day am able to deliver it.