phpPgAdmin NixOS Module


a while back I wrote a NixOS module for phpPgAdmin and opened a pull request for it
phppgadmin: init at 7.13.0; nixos/phppgadmin: added phppgadmin module using php-fpm and nginx by leonardp · Pull Request #115328 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub which @SuperSandro2000 reviewed.
Today I received a message by the stalebot and now wanted to ask around if someone here might be interested in this module or if there is another place (apart from my overlays) this module could find a
new home at.

I will wait for ~ a week and if there is no interest/feedback I will close the PR.

I just noticed you’re a first time contributor - this is not a great way to welcome people to our community, my apologies.

I have reviewed your PR. Thank you for taking the time to submit this!

No hard feelings! For me this is mainly a learning experience :smiley:
Thanks for taking the time reviewing this again and explaining the changes required.

I will update the PR as soon as time permits!