Pip packages are missing in the pip repository, when trying to get python3 script into NixOS

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I’m trying to get my python script into nixos and run it as systemd service. I’ve prepared a package for NixOS and a module for NixOS, but when I’m trying to enable this service, I bump into an error:

'selfprivacy-api' at /etc/nixos/api/api-package.nix:7:21 called without required argument 'flask_restful'

Here’s a contents of api-package.nix

{ nixpkgs ? import <nixpkgs> {}, pythonPkgs ? nixpkgs.pkgs.python37Packages }:

  inherit (nixpkgs) pkgs;
  inherit pythonPkgs;

  selfprivacy-api = { buildPythonPackage, flask, flask_restful, pandas, ast, subprocess, os }:
    buildPythonPackage rec {
      pname = "selfprivacy-api";
      version = "1.0";
      src = builtins.fetchGit {
        url = "git://git.selfprivacy.org/ilchub/selfprivacy-rest-api.git";
        ref = "master";
      propagatedBuildInputs = [ flask flask_restful pandas ast subprocess os ];
      meta = {
        description = ''
          SelfPrivacy Server Management API
  drv = pythonPkgs.callPackage selfprivacy-api {};
  if pkgs.lib.inNixShell then drv.env else drv

Could you please advice, why flask_restful package is missing(that’s how I explain to myself ocurred error)?
This problem also appears with packages: ast, subprocess, os

I think you just need flask-restful.

AFAIK ast, subprocess and os are all builtin (batteries-included) python modules. If you intend to use the builtin modules, you don’t need to specify any of these as inputs here.

Edit: you can use the package search to help find/verify the name of a package’s attribute

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