Poetry2nix certifi update for https://github.com/nixOS/nix.dev/

Hi, I am very new to nix and poetry2nix, sorry if I’m asking simple or not well thought out questions.
I am looking at a project that uses poetry2nix (GitHub - NixOS/nix.dev: An opinionated guide for developers wanting to get things done with the Nix ecosystem. ) and I want to update the used certifi version.

To make poetry available I changed the flake.nix on line 47 from:
buildInputs = [ packages.nix-dev-pyenv ];
buildInputs = [ packages.nix-dev-pyenv pkgs.poetry ];

Then poetry is available in the nix-shell and I can run poetry install, poetry add certifi to upgrade certifi and poetry shell and in that shell python live.py, which works well. and it serves the website locally.

As expected, this modifies the poetry.lock.
I believe some part of this modification is correct, but the issue I believe is that all the metadata.files gets removed, so all empty in that section after the update, and no more file and hash entries.

When I back out of the poetry shell and the nix-shell and try to enter the nix-shell again, it fails with the message
error: Missing suitable source/wheel file entry for myst-parser

which I believe is due to the deleted metadata.files part.

Can you please advice where you think that I am going wrong here and what I should be doing differently? :pray: