Point-to-point connections with NixOS

How can I rebuild a pointtopoint directive from a /etc/network/interfaces file in configuration.nix?

can i see your configuration.nix currently.

what kind interface is it, can you show your ip/ifconfig output please.

and what imperative steps you do to get it to be point to point?

There are no imperative steps for getting a point-to-point connection. This pointtopoint is a directive that can show up in /etc/network/interfaces, the (generally declarative) network configuration file found in particular on Debian-based systems.

I need to configure a point-to-point connection, because the ethernet device I want to configure shall not permit direct access to a subnet but only to a gateway, via which all network traffic is to be routed. The computer in question is a root server hosted by Hetzner, and the details of this kind of network configuration are described in Hetzner’s documentation on network configuration for Debian and Ubuntu.

Hi Wolfgang, almost two years later I ran into the same issue (also with Hetzner). Did you figure a way out how to set it up?

I can’t find what exactly this is supposed to be. Anyway, there are options for PPP connections, GRE tunnels, SIT tunnels and TUN/TAP devices.