[Poll] Nix Hour Iteration 2, new date and time

The Nix Hour is a weekly Q&A-style lecture on Nix from Tweag, hosted by me, open for anyone to join and bring any question about Nix or just listen in. These sessions are all live-streamed to the Tweag YouTube channel and available in this playlist. Tomorrow (2023-03-09 14:00 CET) will be the 20th one, but I’d like to probe the community if there’s a better day and time. So if you’re interested in the Nix Hour, please fill out this poll so we can find the time that works for the most people! I will also mention this in tomorrows session. The available options are an arbitrary selection of the times that work for me.

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You can also click on the below times to see it in your local timezone.

If you’re interested in the Nix Hour, which days and times would work best for you out of the selection here?

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More Context

Originally questions were only asked directly during the meeting, but because most people just wanted to listen in, we didn’t have that many questions. Because of that I created GitHub - tweag/nix-hour: Questions for the weekly Nix Hour where people could ask questions by opening issues in advance, and closing the issues when the question was answered.

This, combined with the live-streams, means that the entire process is now asynchronous for most people, and there’s seemingly little reason to join the sessions yourself. But I think this makes it a worse result overall, because there’s barely any feedback or interaction during the session, it’s mostly just me talking a monologue! And even after the session it’s rare to get feedback (so if you have some, please share, especially improvement suggestions!).

So to at least encourage a bit more interaction, I’d like to probe the community on the day and time when most interested people would be able to join the session directly.


I’ll close the poll tomorrow before the next Nix Hour tomorrow at 14:00 CET, the date with the most votes will be the new weekly Nix Hour time, which for now looks to be Tuesday 19:00 CET. So last chance to enter your availability if you’re interested :slight_smile:

The timing of this poll is a bit unfortunate, since we’re in that weird period when America already switched to summer time (happened 12 March) but Europe didn’t yet (will happen 27 March), which will lead to all sorts of confusions. In this case it means that the actual time of the meeting will effectively shift one hour forwards for Europeans (if we actually keep using winter time after 27 March), or it will shift one hour backwards for Americans (if we switch the meeting to summer time after 27 March).

The latter makes more sense to me since I suspect there’s more Europeans, but another option is to just hold the poll again.

The new time has now been decided see The Nix Hour, a weekly Nix Q&A Lecture by Tweag - #18 by Infinisil