Powerline cant be installed

Hi after one month in nixos i have wrapped my mind through many problems in nixos+GNOME
like desktop icons GSconnect, GDM wallpaper etc

but i cant install and work properly any terminal beautification ex powerline , powerlin-go , or starship
has any one did it, any of above will be suffecient for me.

thanks in advance.

I assume you are installing powerline from the nix repository?

What errors do you get?
I usually use zsh but I didn’t run into any problems when starting bash and then sourcing the powerline.sh from the nix powerline package.

Some additional info,
If you are using home-manager to manage your bashrc, something like this should work:

  programs.bash = {
    enable = true;
    bashrcExtra = ''. ${pkgs.powerline}/share/bash/powerline.sh'';