Preparing for quantum computing functionality (& webkitgtk Recurring build issues.)

Hello everyone,

Just a random thought, but if quantum computing is introduced to AI, it could be like in the Marvel movies, where Doctor Strange explores different dimensions, skipping past processes that have already been seen in a specific dimensional branch and starting again from the moment where he stopped, even though it happened in the past…
As for successful builds, it seems necessary to switch to an incremental build system where the successful parts are internally stored in the Nix store and when included in the next build process, it starts from the previously successful portion.

Alternatively, it would be beneficial to have a build status machine group and mark certain successful packages. This way, even if some build trees are tracked by flake inputs and follow the master, there could be exclusionary build fixed devices as well.

On a more practical note, I have another complaint. Why do we have to build Webkitgtk every time again again when mixing Wayland and Rust WebView(tauri) on Nvidia computers?

Have a great day.

This is a collaborative issue between GitHub and Microsoft, but if a flagging feature for version control of nixpkgs and the build artifacts mentioned earlier were built into the build system, it would be truly advanced if there was a system that could detect security or bug vulnerabilities within a specific package during the build process and forcefully notify and manage version changes. Hehe, it would become an advanced distribution version

I thought about considering the use of cachix for long-building specific packages like Webkitgtk. If anyone knows about the recurring build issues with Webkitgtk, please let me know.