Proxychains Configuration help

Hello NixOS enthousiasts, i’m having a bit of a pickle, i’m trying to parameter the proxychains.conf file, and i’m having no success.

i have modified my configuration.nix file with the following parameters, and it’s not reflected in the proxychains.conf

programs.proxychains.enable = true;
programs.proxychains.proxies.prx1.enable = true;
programs.proxychains.proxies.prx1.type = "socks5"; = "";
programs.proxychains.proxies.prx1.port = "9876";

i have created another proxychains.nix which is included in my file, and this doesn’t work either.

             programs.proxychains.proxies.prx1 = {
               type = "socks5";
               host = "";
               port = "9876";

PS : Love NixOS it’s fun.

Finally i figured it out, the declaration of options is not compatible with proxychains-ng, i had to use the proxychains package.

this issue helped me troubleshooting it.