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This is also ready for merge:


close (automatically generated and looks broken) -

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This was already reviewed by someone else and just needs to be merged

Also reviewed by someone else and ready to go:

Open PR (already reviewed) for the hobbes programming environment:

I don’t have merge permissions, but left an additional comment (all dependencies are in nativeBuildInputs, even non-built-time dependencies).

Already reviewed by somebody else, just needs to be merged:


Addressed your comments on the PR.

These two PRs of mine have been reviewed and sitting around for a while now – can probably be merged


I tested many of the features that the application has and it all seems to work great!

jonringer has already accepted this PR but worldofpeace hasn’t re-reviewed the latest changes. All their requested changes have been applied however so I think it should be fine.

Thank you all for your hard work!


This pull request is reviewd for quite some time.

One of mine.

close: (it’s apparently abandoned)


Two from me, both trivial.