PRs already reviewed


I tested many of the features that the application has and it all seems to work great!

jonringer has already accepted this PR but worldofpeace hasn’t re-reviewed the latest changes. All their requested changes have been applied however so I think it should be fine.

Thank you all for your hard work!


This pull request is reviewd for quite some time.

One of mine.

close: (it’s apparently abandoned)


Two from me, both trivial.

This has been open a while but I feel it is trivial:

merge -

I added some comments, which the author addressed. Looks good to go!

merge :


it was superseded by

I cross checked debian and arch, should be good to merge:


Reason: it’s a good attempt at making better documentation. But some of the documentation is controversial, and the author does not seem interested in pursuing this PR any longer. And it’s been about 18 months since he last commented on it.

  • This PR had two approvals, including one from one of the package’s maintainers. It makes app indicators work with Skype on GNOME3:

my PR. got 1 review