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merge: . mailspring email client, multiple approvers
merge: . improve docs for acme.
merge: Linux networking module patch update (r8125)

merge: iosveka, iosevka-bin: 2.3.3 -> 3.2.2

It was approved by one of the maintainers, and authored by another maintainer.


EDIT: it seems some work is still needed for the documentation part.



vimPlugins: vim-airline-clock init at 2018-05-08
vimPlugins: vim-rails init at 2020-06-19
vimPlugins: MatchTagAlways init at 2017-05-20
vimPlugins: vim-over init at 2020-01-26
vimPlugins: vim-ragtag init at 2020-01-26

Has 2 reviews

A small tool:

Edit: fixed magical hash issue, now it compiles :man_facepalming:


I think is ready to merge? not sure if it needs another review, I am new to the process

Has seen some feedback; just looking to merge.


2 reviews (though by non-maintainers):

It would be awesome to get a few more reviews here:

Ready to go AFAICS:

A trivial diff:

merge: (approved by maintainer)

A trivial diff and already 15 days old: