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It would be nice if someone how had some awareness about mpd to review the following PR


And a slightly less invasive version

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That would probably reach a better target audience in PRs ready for review [May 2019] :slight_smile:

Yeah, though reference to PRs ready for review [May 2019] it’s not even May anymore :smile:

An influx of requests to review PRs here because I guess GitHub isn’t really lending it’s hand to this will be problematic eventually. i.e 30 PRs ready for review threads all about the same thing.

Perhaps we need a topic.

Overall the topic seems to be relatively successful. A big thanks to @matthewbauer who I believe stated the idea some time ago. PRs slip through the cracks on github sometimes and until our tagging better identifies these and/or reviewers make use of tagging/searching features a topic like this works well. +1 for renaming/pinning.

Merge -

I need some help/review for updating vagrant :

The Gemfile/Gemfile.lock were removed a while back and now it is unclear how to proceed to update the package since it seems to be the usual ruby/gem thing with bundix. I got something working but nobody wants to look at my PR :smiley:

Close (I think?):
There are significant merge issues, and there hasn’t been any response on the PR in a few weeks. I’m not sure if that is sufficient to close the PR in this community, though.


Close old alternative:


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Close: #64341 (Obsoleted by #66691)
Close: #64501 (Obsoleted by #66691)
Close: #64483 (Obsoleted by #66608)
Close: #62922 (Obsoleted by #65629)
Merge: #66418 (Minor version update, I was using the generated binary for a week)
Merge: #66344 (New package, reviewed, I was using the generated binary for a week)

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edited: I had made a mistake in the links

I have pr I submitted and have been using without issue for a while now. Basically it allows sound.mediaKeys to work with pulseaudio. Doesn’t seem like anyone else has had time to review it but it works just fine and hasn’t caused me any issues. Should be ready to merge. Hopefully someone can take a look.

Thank you for your PR, but please refer to PRs ready for review [May 2019] (it says May 2019, but it has become the de-facto long running thread) for review requests :slight_smile:

merge: ([haskell] dhall-json: fix build)
merge: ([haskell] Pass hoogle-local’s buildCommand as a file)

close: ([haskell] pandoc-placetable: enable inlineMarkdown)

merge: - plan9port: use correct C compiler (right?)

The following PR was approved almost 2 weeks ago but is just waiting on being merged