PRs already reviewed

Elixir & Erlang updates:

Merge: #73448
Merge: #73457
Close: #69438 & #71285 in favour of #73457


When I say “WIP”, that means that I touched it, not that it’s tagged as WIP.

merge: #73778 - simple version bump.
WIP: #47518 - it’s 48653 commits behind master and doesn’t compile anymore
WIP: #72827- Wrapper does not seem to be setting the correct environment. Asking for clarification.
WIP: #72918 - Compilation warns of python 2.7 deprecation, asked for clarification.
WIP: #72945 - Tagged the last committer and maintainer.

@redvers Please link the PRs in question instead of just mentioning them. When you see someone reference something like #73448 as a link, it’s because they used markdown syntax, e.g.

Merge: [#73448](
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A few of my own (reviewed) PRs:

Merge: #73441

Can somebody please merge this one ? It’s a version update of one of my package.

close: (newer version merged)
close: (already merged in other PR)
close: (already merged by newer PR)

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@bbigras gave it an initial review, ofBorg is of course quite content

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I don’t know what’s going on with github, it shows there are suggested changes even though it’s marked as resolved…
Anyway, here is another one, rather old:



This has been reviewed and is ready to merge now I believe.

adds a onedrive service allowing syncing of multiple onedrive accounts at once. This has already been reviewed and is ready for pull.


close (see my last comment):

EDIT: oh wait it’s an issue, not a PR. oh well. I just need someone with rights to close it. sorry.


I could not run the corresponding nixos test (it’s broken, and I have no idea how to fix this: ) but I tested it on my own system and it works.