PRs in distress


Would be thankful for a quick function test on Darwin/MacOSX so I can tick the last box in my first PR.
If anyone has a Darwin/MacOSX machine and 5 minutes for this, please do as follows:

  1. Checkout the PR
  2. Run at the top of the worktree nix-shell -E 'with import ./default.nix {}; mkShell { buildInputs = [ ammonite fish ]; }'
  3. If there’s no error, run fish in the resulting shell
  4. Run amm in the resulting fish shell
  5. Check that the Ammonite REPL pops up
  6. Type exit or hit control-D, whichever you prefer
  7. Report what happened in the PR thread
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Unfortunately, this package is unmaintained, so I don’t know whom to ping to look at this PR.

I have one question there because of the impact on package closure size of +78.35 MB (46.52%): Should gstreamerSupport be false by default (thus the effect of this PR be a non-default option)?

This is relatively simple PR but it touches the core of the python build system and is therefore a mass rebuild. I need some assistance in testing and reviewing.

I have a new PR in distress:

The issue is I don’t have a darwin machine so I can’t fix the darwin build without putting in unreasonable amounts of effort. Maybe some darwin wizard will help me out. :heart:

Is stuck, waiting for final review with two other reviewers already resigned.

It’s approved, just no one has merged it yet…

Here are two similar patches waiting for boost17x that improve the closure size usage of packages which depend on boost17x (such as nheko). If either one will be merged it’d be great:

My PR doesn’t build on aarch64. I got “error: linker aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc not found” and I have no idea if it’s a problem with one of the Rust dependencies or if it’s a problem with the aarch64 builder.

I still need help with that aarch64 issue. :pray:

This PR exists to upgrade fontconfig (the current version is now nearly 3 years out of date), and introduces breaking changes to fontconfig’s configuration. Because of this, it’s causing issues for lots of people who use nix on non-NixOS, because both system’s fontconfig and nix’s fontconfig will try to read configuration from /etc. As far as I can tell the PR is fine, and the only blocker seems to be the huge number of reverse-dependencies (i.e. hydra rebuilds). There’s also something about backporting old versions of fontconfig to generate font caches for older versions, but I’m not really sure what’s going on there.

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SSH - Add crypot options.
Example ssh config after this PR:

  programs.ssh = {
    macs = [ "" "hmac-sha2-512" ];
    ciphers = [ "" ];
    kexAlgorithms = [ "" ];
  services.openssh = {
    macs = [ "" ];
    ciphers = [ "" ];
    kexAlgorithms = [ "" ];
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I have a not too big nodePackages fix for an issue which passes all tests possible, but every once in a while it reaches a merge conflict status… And what’s annoying even more is that running node’s takes about half a day (for me) and afterwards I have to cherry-pick only the relevant changes to the commit and discard the rest :disappointed:

Improvements to gitlab-runner module:

Fix for armv7l/aarch64 image builder:

BananchickPasha made a Pull Request to fix JetBrains Rider (that is currently broken on unstable).

The reviewer seems to be unavailable to handle this PR, can somebody check it ?


I have two PRs stuck for a long time:

This one is docs-only: crucial steps are missing from the manual in the instructions for nixos lustration. Someone else figured out a solution and posted it in an issue back in 2018, all I did was add the solution to the docs. The PR doesn’t seem to have had any attention yet. It could do with someone who is familiar with bootloaders having a look at whether there is a better way of doing it, and maybe suggesting some commentary for the new steps.

This one isn’t terribly important or complicated. A new package for the virtual ANS microtonal synthesizer. It’s been approved and seems to be waiting for a merge. However, as I have no means of testing the darwin version, it’s simply disabled, even though it would probably work. So perhaps someone with a Mac could test it there.

I wrote a package for ILSpy, but the reviewer demands building it from source, something I don’t need or have the time to do, so maybe someone else wants to pick it up?

I’d appreciate any other opinions on this PR:

Personally I don’t really want to merge it as is, but I would like some other people to either agree or disagree with that so we can proceed.

Hello, I’m trying to upgrade the broken Mesos package, currently failing because autoconfigure cannot find Python package google.protobuf and I don’t know how to fix that issue.

Thanks for any help!

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I’m trying to get the EC2 metadata fetcher to use IMDSv2. I have built imported and tested images on AWS EC2, but the script is also used by OpenStack and I’d really appreciate someone with an OpenStack setup testing that I didn’t break their compute services.

Also note that the script being changed runs in initramfs and uses busybox, so some of it is a bit subtle: