PRs ready for review _

I’d appreciate any other opinions on this PR:

Could someone please take a look at

It’s stalled for a while; thanks!

I still need a review on the zenith aarch64 PR please :pray:

I’d appreciate a review on go-neb, it can be used for relaying Prometheus alerts to Matrix.

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Need someone who can review node packages to take a look here please:

dstask - taskwarrior alternative :metal:



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This one’s been waiting for almost a year, I’d really like to get a critical look on this derivation to tell me whether it’s too over-engineered or not.

These are done and ready for review / merge.

Lastly this one’s just afew weeks old but it’s a security-relevant bump. I’ll open a backport PR to 20.03 once it’s merged.

Some simple cleanups:

PR seems to be a little bit stuck due lack of discussion:

A fairly simple version bump and small simplification of the package, would be great if somebody could take a look:

While this is just a version bump (and adding myself as maintainer, as there currently aren’t any maintainers listed for pytest-rerunfailures) it does fix
which was caused by
and currently blocks installation of depending package xonsh on nixos-unstable.

resolved by 35a6dc6 & f0cf892.

Here’s my PR ¹ for Hikari ² an interesting wayland compositor! Please review!