PRs ready for review _

A PR I made a few months ago for an audio conversion tool. It’s probably ready to merge right away now, so I would be very glad if someone would look into it!

I’ve complete my work on this module and could use a review, especially the go part:

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Minor bugfix PR that’s fallen below the fold a few times (10 days old currently)

Lacking this fix, the package does not seem to be usable.

One PR that fixes a minor error in the Python docs, which incorrectly states that pip install flags can be added with the `installFlags` attribute:

I’d love a second review of my PR introducing Gem, a PureData plugin for creating realtime (music) videos:

This PR is ready for review and fixes an anoying bug for .net developers using JetBrains Rider :slight_smile:


I’m ready for a review, thanks!

Here are 2 derivations that got reviewed and should be ready to merge :

The first one is mine, the second is just one I would like to see merged.

Here’s an easy version bump and minor tweak for a package and NixOS module I maintain:

Add many extra spaCy models:

Version bump for SoMaJo:

Version bump for sentencepiece:

[Merged] Package chewing-editor, the user phrase editor of Chewing Input Method.
A minor but important piece of application for Chewing users, especially for there is a problem in the current version of libchewing that adds incorrect user phrases to the database. (chewing/libchewing issue #232)

Three of mine here that have been languishing a little…

Bunch of speed and space fixes for dockerTools.buildLayeredImage:

Fairly straightforward version bump and fix for the fast-downward planner:

Trivially prevent netcdf from depending on gcc at runtime:

Another controversial one,but this will allow to migrate many options for managing the shell in nixpkgs

I’d appreciate a review on the following PR, thanks!