PRs ready for review _

It would be great to get these two commits merged if possible, neither are really old but both have approving reviews and I believe are ready to merge.

This one fixes a bug hasn’t seen any response in a few months:

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Here’s a security fix for znc that’s waiting since yesterday:
It’s just a cherry-pick from master into release-19.03.

I’ve got 2 PRs that haven’t gotten any response yet.

This one fixes bundlerApp to actually do what the documentation says and provide the env and wrappedRuby attributes in passthru:

This one updates the broken macvim package to work again. It’s not pure (it relies on a few system-provided tools, including Xcode, and MacVim’s build process picks up the current OS as the deployment target) but the old package wasn’t pure either.

Edit: Merged, thanks!

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I’d like some feedback as to whether my current approach is fine or whether there’s something better.
I.e. something that doesn’t duplicate the nix code from the original package but doesn’t have to build wine just for the fonts.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve got a couple of trivial PRs that have already had eyeballs on them but nobody’s merged them.

A simple fix to get zoneminder building and running again:

Three of my PRs that seem to be burried:

Update of pyo3-pack. This would be nice to have, because the new pyo3 crate does not work well with the old pyo3-pack (the old pyo3-pack will attempt to build a Python 2 wheel if Python 2 is visible, whereas Python 2 is not supported anymore by pyo3). Also has two reviews: (merged)

The directoryRoot option of the Resilio Sync module does not work anymore, this PR fixes that:

Slightly newer, but I think useful to many people, a PR that adds the desktop application. Has one review: (merged)

Two simple package additions:
This one is relatively recent but I’d appreciate if anyone on Darwin can help get libplacebo building on it:

I would appreciate an extra pair of eyes on if anyone has the time.

I mentioned this a week ago but is a trivial PR that still hasn’t been merged.

PR 63371 has been languishing for a while now. A reviewer raised a question, and I answered it, but then… no response.

Edit: Merged now. Thank you @Infinisil :pray:

PR 64204, which is adding one Node package and updating all Node packages. Had an issue where by version of node2nix was old, which I fixed the same day. Has been sitting for just over two weeks now.

Seeking secondary review of anyone has a moment to spare please.

This thread is tagged as May. At what point do we create a new thread? And maybe we should pin the current “PRs ready for review” to the top so people can find it more easily.

Any keepassx users?

I’ve got a PR open for a setup script that allows you to declare manpages and shell completions in a declarative fashion, so you don’t have to remember where the darn things are supposed to be installed. This came out of this prior discussion.

Still have one open as part of an update. Noticed it was broken when reviewing an automated update.

While playing the triage game I found this PR which hasn’t been reviewed:

Any volunteers?

This PR for updating vcv-rack has been informally reviewed and might need a last look before merge. :slight_smile: