PRs ready for review _

This simple PR has already my review but another pair of eyes would be appreciated.

Update PyTorch to 1.5.1 (a bugfix release) and fix the AArch64 build:

I’d benefit of some review of people who use the VM building facilities in NixOS:

It would be great if someone could help me get this pr merged

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Already peer reviewed, needs final review + merger. Thanks.

Alternative to this Thread (experimental)

If your PR is ready for review, consider testing the new bot Marvin. You can opt-in your PR and indicate that you’re looking for a reviewer by posting a comment with the commands

/marvin opt-in
/status needs_reviewer

The bot will then set the appropriate status label. It will also attempt to assign you a reviewer, though review capacity is limited. If it does not assign you a reviewer right away, please be a bit patient. The bot will assign reviewers to older PRs first, your PR will get its turn eventually. Once it has been reviewed, it will be brought to the attention of someone who can merge it.

If your PR is managed by marvin and gets stuck waiting for a review, that is considered a bug. You can only opt-in your own PRs.

Marvin is still experimental.


hello, would be nice If someone could test the changes in


vimPlugins: vim-airline-clock init at 2018-05-08
vimPlugins: vim-rails init at 2020-06-19
vimPlugins: MatchTagAlways init at 2017-05-20
vimPlugins: vim-over init at 2020-01-26
vimPlugins: vim-ragtag init at 2020-01-26

Utilities to control AMD Wraith Prism RGB LEDs:

cde-gtk-theme: small adjustments

lazpaint: init at 7.1.3

openxray: 558 -> 730

Support for OpenCL on modern AMD GPUs based on the ROCm stack:

Would even be nicer if someone has an AMD GPU and could test this as well ;). Works fine on my RX580 though.

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new softwares:

new libraries:


migration from python2 to python3

Posted before, but still stuck:

Dart package builder:

Simple unlocker for self-encrypting drives: