PRs ready for review _

With support for cfssl serve statically server linking assets.

Another review would be welcome :slight_smile:

Update liblinear and improve the derivation:

Update Resilio Sync:

Thanks for the quick reviews!

Bumping versions of libsidplayfp & sidplayfp tool (yes they’re supposed to be slightly mismatched), fixing audio API usage on sidplayfp:

Requesting a review for an option addition:

latest JRuby upgrade.

a backup tool like restic

AntiMicro was marked as broken two years ago, this uses a still maintained fork of it. I have been using this software daily to control my music on my desktop PC while my monitors are used by my work laptop :slight_smile:

(Needs ZSA ErgoDox/Planck keyboard for testing)

BLAS implementation optimized for AMD CPUs:

Wireguard configurator with Nix (and ease of use) in mind

Basically routine version increment, unbreaking OS X build: