PRs ready for review _

Small technical fix (it disables an impossible flag combination, opencv + cuda + 32bit):

This one is out of scope for me, but the author thinks it is ready.

this one should be pretty ready for merge

I’ve mentioned it before, but my installShellFiles PR is just sitting there waiting for someone to merge it.

I recently did a PR for Softmaker’s FreeOffice. There was a review with useful feedback that I addressed. But then nothing happened:

I have closed the PR, because it turned out to be easy to make a single generic derivation for both FreeOffice and SoftMaker Office, which I submitted in the following PR:

It would be nice to get a review of this PR. It would be extra nice if we had FreeOffice in 19.09 :wink: .

I’ve packaged the system-syzygy game, and it made 20 day it hasn’t receved a suggestion or got merged.

This is great, thank you for doing this. Hope it gets reviewed soon.

This PR sets a couple of kernel options to allow applications to see more power information on some machines. Concretely, it lets s-tui show power information, which is nice.

I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing with kernel options, but this mirrors what Arch does and seems to work!

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I would love to get a review for this

I have reviewed this pr and think it is pretty much ready for merge. Would be good to get a second pair of eyes on it

Xcode 11 is out so I’d really like to get the macvim Xcode 11 compatibility fix merged. I’ve been running it locally with no problems.

I’d appreciate if somebody could review this PR which packages the KDE configuration module for configuring wacom graphics tablets, (although I realise that exhaustively testing it requires a wacom tablet). @tilpner has already pointed out a few issues, which I’ve fixed, so I’m hoping that it might be ready now.

Two new NixOS modules.
Sympa, a mailing list manager:

MoinMoin, a wiki engine:

Especially interested in feedback from people who run these services if there are any!

Updates of two spaCy dependencies:

Basically version + hash bumps, plus the necessary version constraint relaxations necessary in spaCy itself.

I would like an additional review on this one, just to be safe:

Can someone have a look at this PR please? It’s a simple update of one of the packages I maintain.

Hello, I add two new packages

If you put the links on their own line then discourse will make them look nicer

I’m looking for any httpd users on NixOS to compare their httpd.conf file generated by this PR to what is currently generated by NixOS. I would also appreciate any review of the nix code in this PR as the httpd module code is overly complicated - a second and third pair of eyes looking at the changes in depth would be appreciated, even by people who aren’t familiar with httpd but have strong nix lang skills.

I’ve had a PR open for 2.5 months that rewrites stripHash

This fixes a bug wherein stripHash --foo doesn’t treat --foo as a filename, and also massively improves performance in the process. The only problem is I’m not willing to rebuild the world on my machine, so I haven’t built any packages with this change, only tested in isolation on all inputs I can think of. It is targeting staging though.

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