PRs ready for review _

I have some:

That’s all folks.

Not my PR. I reviewed it but the 2 maintainers don’t seem to have the time right now and we could use some extra pairs of eyes and someone to merge it.

I’ve got a MacVim update

This has been sitting around for almost 2 weeks, long enough that I’ve actually just updated it for yet another MacVim version.

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This PR has been around for 19 days now without a single comment.
Every new test in nixpkgs means I have to touch this again to get it to merge so I would really appreciate a review soon-ish.

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My MacVim update (see previous comment) is still pending.

I’ve also got a cocoapods update that’s over a month old at this point.

This commit needs a review from an experienced Go build system reviewer.
The hash of the gomods keeps changing for ofBorg, sometimes even during the same build run (eg. OK for x64_86, not ok for Darwin).

This PR has seen no activity since I submitted it a month ago. It’s really a simple change – it adds spaCy models for Norwegian and Lithuanian. What is mostly needed: test if it builds, test if the model loads.

Version update, metadata addition, etc. for hsqldb a small relational dabase management system.

A version update waiting for reviews.

It’s been a while since I submitted this:
I’m trying to reorganize the options about virtual console and I’d like to hear some opinions.

I’ve had this PR open for 3 months now. It’s my first PR for nixpkgs and there is a fair few changes in there. Anything I can do to make it easier to merge?

I’ve been using this branch as my main nixpkgs for 3 months now with no issues.

There is some interest in it so I think it’s worth merging; there were three other Nix users before me who tried to get it working, and I’ve got another Nix user who wants to use it now.


I’ve got this one with an OfBorg failure I can not figure out:

I’ve got one that should be uncontroversial: a set of Ruby-based CLI applications for transcoding video. They essentially wrap Handbrake, FFmpeg, and a couple of other tools to provide sane defaults and a nicer interface overall.

This needs a re-review and is only a 3 line change:

Package options for LXC, LXD and ZFS in NixOS’s LXD module.

A few trivial pr

A simple pr that add a package

wrap gitolite-shell to make with work with HTTP auth and nginx.
it includes my first nixos test.

This has been stuck for a while but I made a breakthrough and should be ready now.

sssd can’t load the “ad” module without this update: