PRs ready for review _

I’ve got this one with an OfBorg failure I can not figure out:

I’ve got one that should be uncontroversial: a set of Ruby-based CLI applications for transcoding video. They essentially wrap Handbrake, FFmpeg, and a couple of other tools to provide sane defaults and a nicer interface overall.

This needs a re-review and is only a 3 line change:

Package options for LXC, LXD and ZFS in NixOS’s LXD module.

A few trivial pr

A simple pr that add a package

wrap gitolite-shell to make with work with HTTP auth and nginx.
it includes my first nixos test.

This has been stuck for a while but I made a breakthrough and should be ready now.

sssd can’t load the “ad” module without this update:

Two months and counting now, would really apprechiate a review

Hi! Would appreciate a review:


Can anyone review this please :cry: ?

In case somebody is interested in reviewing NixOS-changes:

Can anyone please review ?

I only ran the update script, it should be not much hassle to review.

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I’m already using the updated version of idea-ultimate locally and it’s running brilliantly :slight_smile:

@ktor I do too, now we just need to get this into master :slight_smile:

I have a positive review from a keybase package maintainer: