PRs ready for review _

Hi! Would appreciate a review:


Can anyone review this please :cry: ?

In case somebody is interested in reviewing NixOS-changes:

Can anyone please review ?

I only ran the update script, it should be not much hassle to review.

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I’m already using the updated version of idea-ultimate locally and it’s running brilliantly :slight_smile:

@ktor I do too, now we just need to get this into master :slight_smile:

I have a positive review from a keybase package maintainer:

I spent some effort testing this simplification of the bootable ISO generation process, which also makes it more deterministic:

It works on all machines/media I found and people seem generally in favor of the change, but it is a bit scary so some more eyes on it would be helpful.

I’d appreciate it if someone would review these.

This needs a re-review:

This depends on the above PR:

Both have been working on my machine for over a year without issues.

A PR I’d like to get merged before the 20.03 code freeze:

I would be very thankful if someone could have a look at

I have got some PRs from November that seem to have been forgotten about. Backports a fix to release-19.09. My changes have already been reviewed, but it has not been merged. I fixed a nondeterministic build. I am looking for it to be reviewed specifically on how this problem should be handled. Should there be some way to specify that you a version that uses the AES-NI instructions. Another backport to release-19.09 that fixes a broken build. This one has not been reviewed yet.

last version if over 2 years old.

This PR adds a trivial builder that is similar to linkFarm (and symlinkJoin):

It also adds some much-needed documentation on the linkFarm and symlinkJoin functions, so it is easy for a new user to figure out when each should be used.

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