Python 3.7 in a nix shell

I am using NixOS for several months, enjoying and sticking to it as main Distro, besides few fallbacks on few edge cases. However, I’ve encountered an challenge for a project i am working on it. I need to use python 3.7.15 for a project but i noticed now that python 3.7 was dropped 6 months ago so I was wondering the good and nix way to at least have a nix-shell using it for that purpose.

Domen has got you covered here:

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This could help: GitHub - cachix/nixpkgs-python: All Python versions, kept up-to-date on hourly basis using Nix.

Another possibility is to use an older release of nixpkgs which has Python 3.7.

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Thanks both guys, sorry I haven’t look for it, feel dumb. @wamserma and @iwanb