Question about natural deduction section of nixpkgs manual

I had a question about the Natural Deduction part of the nixpkgs manual. Here is the part i am kinda stuck on:

I think the later part of the text where it continues on with “it can be ignored as it doesn’t add any new information.” is talking about this part. It then goes on to explain a little more. I am having a little trouble putting everything together, i was wondering if anyone can provide a raw example, or if there is any debugging code in nix itself where i can dump a real world example of this all going down? Or does the bash not actually use natural deduction? I haven’t looked at the bash yet.

Is anyone really comfortable with this section? I feel an example of the whole thing in action would be great, but i don’t yet understand how to add it to the docs.

Edit: what i really wanted was to write a simulation of how it works, hopefully using something to nudge the natural deduction along in one of the functional languages. It would be great if someone could point me to the best place to start references aexisting code to see how this happens.

Thank you

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