Raspbberry Pi 3 + wayland: how?

Hello everyone!
I’m totally new to NixOS and I’m trying to install wayland and Cage (or Sway) on a Raspberry Pi 3. I would use it to run Pipewire with Grandorgue (virtual organ).

I have installed as system pipewire, wayland and cage but when I start a nix-shell with Chromium (as a test) I havesome errors:

EGL_PLATFORM_BASE not supported
Failed to create EGL context
Could not initiate EGL
Unable to create wlroots render

I’m trying to to all things without flakes because of I’m totally new and at the first time I would to learn a bit in a safety way.

How can I start? Is there a complete guide? I’m a bit confused googling around.
Many thanks in advice!