Remote desktop on Gnome

What’s the best remote desktop solution on Gnome? I’m using Gnome on xorg and wayland.

It’s seems NixOS has the best rdp support but I can’t find any docs about how to setup it on Gnome. What should I use for services.xrdp.defaultWindowManager? I tried gnome-session but it doesn’t work for me and xterm is used instead.

services.gnome.gnome-remote-desktop.enable doesn’t work for me either. I can’t enable screen sharing in settings.

VNC may work but there is no services. I don’t know how to use x2go at all.

Thanks for any help!

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services.gnome.gnome-remote-desktop.enable should be on by default if you use the GNOME NixOS module. I can enable it in Settings just fine in a fresh GNOME VM.

Thanks! You are right, the options is not needed. And I can also activate the setting in a fresh VM. However I have to plug in a neteork wire to enable it on the host. On WiFi I can’t activate the option. It seems I can’t connet to it via a VPN, either. Is this expected?

Can you check using netstat -lnput (probably as root) which IP/Port it binds? If it is something else than ::/ then it won’t be accessible from other networks than that that belongs to the bound IP.

I can share on Wi-Fi too:


Are you able to go to the Screen Sharing dialogue, or is the line missing from the Sharing panel altogether?

Do you see anything interesting when you quite the Settings and then run env G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all gnome-control-center in Terminal? Otherwise, I would probably look at the source code.

Oh, I know what happened. It can only be enabled under a encrypted WiFi. So it’s a feature… Thanks for your help! The service listens on :::5900 but I can’t access it via a vpn. I’ll do more test.

Looks like I can’t connect to the service from other interface. By the way, the service doesn’t open the port automatic. Anyway this has been out of topic. Thanks for your help!

Right, the NixOS policy is that no modules should open firewall. SSH is an exception to prevent lockouts. Users should be in control of their network security (e.g. they might want to only allow access through VPN).

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