Requesting review before starting NixOS mirror in China

(Was originally posted at and reposted here because the thread was old and probably won’t get attention.)

(TL;DR: We are thinking of mirroring channels and again because of renewed interest. Please review this gist on how we are planning it:

There has been some renewed interest in a mirror in the Chinese Nix community. (Even since the switch to Fastly, is still not ideal (still much slower than other distros), and the improvement seems have occurred only in random regions, probably depending on the ISP.)

We have created a mirroring script and a supporting environment, and currently TUNA and USTCLUG, hosters of two prominent open source software mirror sites in China (TUNA’s mirror, USTC’s mirror) are interested in running such a mirror for Nix packages. (TUNA is having other issues at the moment and is unable to do so in the short term.)

We are ready for some initial testing. But we would like to request official review from the NixOS team before we do so. Mirroring entire channels is no small task and we hope that communication will help it to go smoothly. Also, we just might be doing something wrong, and we really hope someone knowledgeable can point it out.

Information regarding how we are planning to mirror, a few links, and other things can be found in this gist, and we will keep it up to date. We request a review of what will be doing in order to minimize risk of mistakes and surprises. Also, please tell us if you need additional information about our mirrors before we start.

Thanks for creating the amazing Nix ecosystem, and thanks in advance for your assistance.


Wish you the best of luck, nixpkgs is a non-trivial amount of data to handle. :slight_smile: