Review requested: a flake for logwatch

When I moved some of my homelab servers to NixOS about a year ago one of the things I was missing was logwatch (Logwatch download | and at the time I managed to make a nix expression for it and fit it into my configurations and it has served me well ever since.

Recently I have split off this part of my configuration to its own flake repository GitHub - SFrijters/nixos-logwatch: Logwatch for NixOS so I can ingest it more easily on different machines and maybe others can make use of it.

Although it works for me (in the sense that it has all functionality I need) it’s still rather hacky and I’m especially unsure on what the Nix best practices for such a flake are. E.g.: is it better to provide packages directly, or via an overlay? Is using flake-utils still something that one should do? And I think it’s also a bit weird that the actual package that is built depends on the module config?

I would appreciate any comments on how to better structure my flake, and if anyone actually wants to make use of it, so much the better!