RFC electron app built from source


Some people have tried to bundle secure-scuttlebutt applications in the past. Right now the most prominent richt clients are patchwork, patchbay and tale:net.

There were some (1 2) previous attempts to get them into nixpkgs but only patchwork-classic made it in yet but that one is really old and unmaintained upstream.

@ninjatrappeur joined the network some days ago to take a look. He also made an attempt to package patchwork but the appImage version. The discussion on that PR also resonated with me and I’d like to help get a source version for all three of them, starting with tale:net since I helped built it and am familiar with it’s built system. Since I am an avid user of ssb for two years now and have also contributed to that patch-clients, I would help getting source builds for those once we have a way to package them appropriately.

Here is the PR to add tale:net for which I seek feedback.

Thanks for your time,



Loosely related: I wrote several adjustments to the AppImage derivation since the PR (it was generating a naming conflict with graphviz, merged @samueldr review).

The derivation now lives there: https://github.com/NinjaTrappeur/nixos-config/blob/master/extra-pkgs/scuttlebutt/patchwork/default.nix .

I tried again in https://github.com/talenet/talenet/pull/35 but still run into a problem with node2nix.

Maybe there is a stop gap solution adapting the shell.nix chrootEnv approach to a proper package built that just installs a talenet binary into the environment?