Rhasspy packages for nix

Rhasspy is a opensource voice assistant meant to be used with home-automation software such as home-asisstant.

I packaged so far most component to make it usable for nix. Right now one can install it via NUR

nix-shell -p nur.repos.mic92.rhasspy --run 'rhasspy -p en'

There is no nixos module yet, but I have a small snippet that allows to start rhasspy as a systemd service in my configuration: https://github.com/Mic92/dotfiles/blob/2e88e79cfb7b90e800a9590f7bf443b81300f0d0/nixos/turingmachine/configuration.nix#L232

Note that not all component are packaged yet, so have a look at https://github.com/Mic92/nur-packages/blob/e871c0592da15535f5831e4a713d7dc38f7ee0e4/pkgs/rhasspy/default.nix to see what components are available.

I plan to upstream rhasspy and its depedencies to nixpkgs based on popular demand.

I am also working together with @mweinelt on getting Mozillas text-to-speech-engine packaged for nixpkgs. This work happens in this branch

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