Ring a bell for someone?

I would like to ask the collective wisdom overhere the following, most likely impossible to answer question.
During the holidays I did a www search on Nix related stuff :slight_smile:
Found a website where one person was talking about NixOS-Nixpkgs, Direnv and showed his Neovim setup. The article ended with something like “well let’s also make a video about this” and so he did.
Watched the related video wich had a length for more than an hour in wich he showed his personal settings regarding Neovin, aliases, repo etc.
For me it was quite infomative but… I forgot to bookmark the website or video!
Now I would love to read and watch this al over again but sadly can’t find it anymore by whatever search I try or what keywords I might have used.
Does the above setting perhaps ring a bell and someone who recognizes what I am talking about?
Fingers crossed…

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Hi, no history in the web browser either?

Is it this video? Full configuration of Neovim on NixOS (Treesitter, native lsp, and more!) - YouTube (first result with some keywords “neovim direnv nixos nixpkgs video”)


Found it!!
Thank you so much Solene for taken the time to do a search and to reply to my quest!
Your remark on history did it.
I hate to say it, but I didn’t have web browser history… on the Windows machine… I was searching for it.
But mentioning the history, of course there is my NixOS machine and voila, there it was.
For those who wonder, this is the article: The package manager to rule them all | by Patrick Walsh | Dec, 2022 | Medium
And the remark on the video

(For what it’s worth, writing this blog spurred me to do a video walkthrough showing an install and basic config on MacOS.)

Happy to have found it again, back to reading and then watching his steps again.


Good you found it back!

If you feel it’s interesting enough for everyone, you could post it as a link on the discourse Links category :wink: Links - NixOS Discourse

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