Running the Netlify CLI for Homepage Development

I’m working on a PR for the Homepage.

I have modified the netlify.toml. However, I can’t see my redirect rule taking effect. What is not clear to me is if I am actually running the Netlify CLI or something else. How does this work? It is not what I would expect to see on a machine with the Netlify CLI installed.

Is the Netlify installed and used by serve? Something else?

The instructions in the README say:

$ git clone
$ cd nixos-homepage
$ nix-shell

  To start developing run:

  and open browser on:

  It will rebuild the website on each change.

[nix-shell]$ serve

serve is running something else, see nixos-homepage/flake.nix at 8b764ffac93e8e14709734e1d435943bee2eddde · NixOS/nixos-homepage · GitHub

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