Screen capture on NixOS 22.11 (wayland, pipewire)

Hi. I can’t get working screen capture with any app I’ve tried (VLC, OBS Studio…).
My setup: NixOS 22.11, wayland, pipewire.

Does anybody able to get it working with such a config?

Have had similary problem. I think it is a Wayland problem. If you search for “wayland screen sharing” you will see that it is a known problem. But it is a time since last time i looked into it so maybe there is a good solution now.

I “solved” screen sharing by turning off wayland. I use gnome and gdm.

services.xserver.displayManager.gdm.wayland = false;

Which display and desktop managers er you using?

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@voland62 wayland is just a protocol, which compositor (desktop, wm) do you use ?

Depending on the compositor different packages have to be installed.

I use sway (wlroots) and screen capture in OBS or in chromium/firefox works.