Season of Docs (GSOC for documentation)

Hi all,

Google just announced the program for technical writers to work with open source communities - in same style as GSOC but for docs.

One of the personal goals I have in for Nix is to improve documentation. Since my availability has gotten a tiiiny bit better compared to last months, I’d be willing to help push this forward.

But there’s a catch. Google requires (I do think this is good) two organization administrators in their rules - see 5.1 and 5.3 for responsibilities.

Is anyone willing to pair up and improve Nix documentation in next year? :slight_smile: See timeline for SOD.



Oh, boy! I would love to help! In fact this is the most sorrowful subject of our project!

Something is needed besides willpower?


I think time and commitment are enough. It’s going to involve preparing the website, collecting ideas, mentors and supporting them to deliver the results.

Domen, just signed up here to follow-up on my comments in the nixos-weekly thread (Please do not include rant articles · Issue #89 · NixOS/nixos-weekly · GitHub). I’d be happy to take on editing or writing or etc. roles as need be, depending on the overall time commitment–I can’t afford another full-time job is all I’m saying, but I’d love to help if I can.


I can help every weekend.


Seems like this is a also a no-go for this year.

@AndersonTorres don’t know if you are still interested but I could use some help with doc: update lua documentation by teto · Pull Request #55302 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub . Seems like pandoc support might be dropped so this should be converted to the XML format and I am struggling to finish the PR.

Rewriting NixOS/Nixpkgs manuals in AsciiDoc (asciidoctor) would be a great task for this GSoC.

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I support that!

See also the discussion in Documentation improvements.

I would prefer Org Mode, to be honest.
Maybe the only drawback would be its strong Emacs reliance and tight coupling, but hey, it’s just text! :slight_smile: