Set up wifi- minimal system

What WiFi card has it?

Be as specific as you can…

Realtek RTL8821CE 802.11ac PCIe

Try modprobe rtl8821ce to load the appropriate module explicitely. If that module is not available, then you have to prepare an ISO that contains it, it might also be necessary to remove/blacklist conflicting modules…

My other laptop might still contain sources for the ISO I built for it, where I had a similar problem with another RTL chip.

I’ll post it here tomorrow if I can find it.


I can’t seem to find the nix-expression anymore that I used to build my install USB back then…


No worries; I’m going to try fixing Mint, and maybe setting up a dual boot.

So where do I find the driver? Is it in a different Git repo?

Just found this: ifwifi — command-line utility in Rust //

I used the graphical installer of NixOS and chose No Desktop for a minimal install on my Thinkpad. I was able to use nmcli out of the box.
I just want to share in case anyone gets dissuaded by having to deal with bootstrapping with no wired ethernet.