Setting up ROCM stack and hopefully CuPy

Hello Everyone.

I’m a relatively new NixOS user, but I’ve been a Unix/Linux admin for longer than I care to admit. I’m interested in trying to use CuPy with an 18-month old AMD GPU on a NixOS server in my basement. I’ve found the NixOS packages for the ROCM stack, and they appear to be well-established there. But I can’t find any documentation of which of the 21 packages I need/don’t need, how to configure them, etc. I attribute my difficulty to being a relative NixOS newbie - please be kind. If there’s a place where I should be looking for this kind of a configuration guide, please share it. If that doesn’t exist, can someone tell me what to do?

Once the ROCM stack is running, I’ll try to set up CuPy. Who knows - maybe it’ll work!

Thanks a lot.

Hi there,
Adding ROCm is quite easy (from the manual):

hardware.opengl.extraPackages = [

Then you can use rocminfo or clinfo from their respective packages to see the currently supported features.
rocm-smi can also be useful to show things like GPU temperature (works also without the opencl-icd).

I don’t know about CuPy, so I can’t help there.

May I ask if you made any real progress with this? Which GPU are you trying to run this on?