shellHook is using my .bashrc aliases

I ran nix-shell today and my shellHook broke because it was using commands that I had aliased in my .bashrc. Specifically I have my rm aliased to 'echo if you really wanna use this, use \\rm'. I swear I was just using the same shellHooks yesterday with no problem, but maybe I somehow missed it. So is this expected behaviour or is there something wrong with my system?

Regarding --pure, It does seem to work with --pure on nix 2.4, but this projects need me to be on nix 2.3, which I was doing with nix-env, and when I try to run nix-shell --pure with that setup, it doesn’t put me in a pure shell and tells me it can’t find nix.

update: this does not happen in nix develop
update 2: apparently this has always been how it’s worked :sob:


Just found this NixOS/nix commit, and putting it here for future reference:
65f6d5d Don’t source bashrc in pure mode