Showing first time contributors some love ❤️

did you collect the data by hand or did you use some script?

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Manual. First set I just paged around. Latter I used something like Pull requests · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub and adjusted the years.

Doing a review party on Discord. Come do some 1st-time reviews!

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Fair warning: if you focusing on the older PRs, it’s worth double-checking whether the author had other subsequent PRs accepted before engaging.

I spot-checked 3 older PRs and the authors of 2 of them are already listed as maintainers.

There are now 360 open (but if I filter for issues opened before the time of my previous post, it’s only 330).

  • resolving the first page would catch us up through May 16 2021
  • resolving 2 more pages would get us through July 21 2022
  • 2 more pages + 9 would catch up through 2022

I also like this new label a lot :slight_smile: and am actively using it to look for pull requests of newcomers to our community.

Could we change the color from red to something less alarming and more welcoming? A nice shade of purple, perhaps?


For grins, as of this comment:

  • 1551 first-time prs opened so far in 2023
  • 430 currently open

I changed it to the same green all the other 12.* labels have, hope it’s better now ^^

Awesome, thank you for your quick reaction, and thank you for tending to this label in general :slight_smile: It was good before as well!