SnapDrop on NixOS

SnapDrop is an Apple AirDrop alternative using WebRTC. I made a Nix module that allows you to run it locally.

This makes my life less cumbersome to transfer files/photos between NixOS and my iPad/iPhone.

Here is the module. Note that README IS OUTDATED.

If you are using flake, try following:

inputs.netkit.url = "github:icebox-nix/netkit.nix";

,and append netkit.nixosModules.snapdrop to your nixosSystem.modules.
Finally, in your configuration, add netkit.snapdrop.enable = true;.

After rebuild, it should be up and running on
To change the port it runs on, use netkit.snapdrop.port = <your port>;

See also: my nixos config, wifi-relay module which helps you to establish a Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi hotspot. Furthermore, with wifi-relay, you can share files even without an external router.

Hope you can enjoy!