SnowflakeOS - Creating a GUI focused NixOS-based distro ?


Is this the place to discuss different CPU governors?

I didn’t yet install NixOS, and a GUI-oriented flavor sounds just like what I am looking for. What would be the best way to get started?

I would hesitate to call this a distro. In spirit, it is more of a flavour.

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NixOS is a meta-distribution, like Gentoo. It doesn’t have a default software environment or desktop experience or anything like that.

So maybe we can consider SnowflakeOS a distribution of NixOS that tries to fill in some of those ‘defaults gaps’ as well as providing supplementary tooling. :slight_smile:


I don’t think that going separate distribution is the right way. I get the argument that one can’t expect the new user to be able to bootstrap a configuration program into the config that it’s supposed to manage, but I also think there’s much more practical ways of achieving the same goal. For example, the program can exist as a regular package for a while during initial development phases, then it can be distributed as a flatpack to be actually used by new users once it’s practically viable, and then once it gets enough traction it should just become included into every NixOS distribution.

Yes, this, I believe would be valuable.