SOLVED: Overlay for neovim nightly builds

This is more a cry for help than a question, I’ve been attempting to make my own overlays for neovim so I can install it from their nightly releases. I’ve tried nix-neovim-nightly, the overlay from @teto (here) and my own homebrewed version, but I either get old versions, the derivation doesn’t compile or a

  (Required is at least version "1.30.0")

when compiling. Anyone here using a nightly release of neovim that I could take a look at/steal?

maybe you get an old libuv, you could try the overlay with nixos-unstable to see if it fixes your problem.

Do you have an example on how to do that? Not sure how you’d create an overlay for a unstable package.

EDIT: I just switched my whole system from stable to unstable and the overlay works fine now.

I now have an overlay with cachix support providing neovim nightly builds since the old overlay was archived:

This is not the nightly

@realisation What do you mean?