[solved] Step-ca: error reading /intermediate_password


i’ve configured step-ca.
However it looks like CREDENTIALS_DIRECTORY in the systemd-service is unset.

Snippet from systemd service:

ExecStart=/nix/store/kr78c1j2vnyq8ng3s8lhg4vryz0pb2wn-step-ca-0.24.2/bin/step-ca /etc/smallstep/ca.json --password-file ${CREDENTIALS_DIRECTORY}/intermediate_password

Permissions should be fine too:

-r--r----- 1 root step-ca 32 27. Sep 14:32 /run/secrets/step-ca/intermediate.password

When I start the service:

Sep 27 14:32:53 nix-exp1 step-ca[1142]: error reading /intermediate_password: open /intermediate_password: no such file or directory

Thanks in advance!

Found it!
“zzz-lxc-service.conf” is also a service drop-in, in which “LoadCredential=” is set…