Some aarch64 packages are not building for timeout

Noob here. Not sure if it qualifies as a bug report or not.

According to what I have read about NixOS channels, the “stable” channels like 19.09 should have almost all their packages pre-built. I am on the nixos-19.09 channel. But since recently, when I try to update NixOS on my aarch64 board with nixos-rebuild switch --upgrade, it starts building some software from source, including latest Linux kernel (pkgs.linuxPackages_latest.kernel)!
My poor little aarch64 board is too weak for such load, so this build takes enormous amount of time and tends to crash because of RAM.
I looked at Hydra logs, and it shows that many packages on release-19.09-aarch64 jobset are failing due to timeout (4 hours). Linux kernel package is among these failing ones.

Shouldn’t the new version bump of stable 19.09 channel be considered failed and not updated in channels if such basic packages as linux kernel is not built?
I understand that “currently recommended” kernel is the LTS one. But it does not work properly for my board; and even the wiki suggests using the latest kernel.

Am I missing something, or shall I post an issue to github?

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I would raise this as an issue on Issues · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub this looks like something that should be addressed

This could be related to

Thanks. Raised an issue -
Also this one looks related:

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